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Flair by 1847 Rogers Bros IS 1956

Flair by 1847 Rogers Bros IS  - International silver plate flatware pattern was introduced in 1956 and subsequently discontinued.  This silverware pattern is one of the best expressions of mid-century modern style and will create and enhance the modern look in dining design.

William Hazen Rogers and his two brothers, Asa and Simeon, worked in Hartford, Connecticut in the early 19th century. They used a new electroplating process and placed their trademark on spoons starting in 1847. The new electroplated pieces were so popular that other individuals named Rogers joined with the original Rogers brothers just for the privilege of using the Rogers Brothers name.

The Meriden Britannia Company bought Rogers in 1862. Meriden became International Silver Company, a name used since 1898. The IS in trademarks stand for International Silver.



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