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Why We Love Place Settings? Revised

Posted by Dave at White Water Antiques on 9th May 2023

Start with place settings.

A great way to create a dining d├ęcor is to start with just two sterling or silver plate or stainless place settings. A place setting usually means 4-5 pieces at each place. If you are just starting life or re-energizing your life, buying one or two place settings of flatware is a great introduction. The cost is much less, and you can also try out new styles or mix and match patterns. No one says you need an entire set of silverware to get a great dining look.

Often in our busy fast-paced world, we are not entertaining a crowd. It may be just you and another person dining and place settings make that a special experience anytime. The lower expense of just a couple of settings means you can change up styles often. Perhaps from mid-century Danish to deco, to classic. It is also an opportunity to make any night a great experience.